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Pizza was stuffed to the gills, which was Awesome! The ingredients were plentiful, the cheese nicely gooey without being stringy, the crust was cooked perfectly and was able to hold up under the weight of the toppings (I kid you not, the pizza seemed to weigh about 5 pounds when we received it)
The only complaint that I would be able to come up with was the fact that the middle top of the pizza was slightly burnt, like it got a little too close to the fire, but only the top sauce part was burnt. The crust was fine, the insides were awesome, so it was curious that the sauce was burnt. Not to disparage in any way the pizza, because it was enough to feed 5-6 people.
With this one order, this Pizzeria has jumped to one of my favorite places from which to order a pizza. If this is how well they cook a pizza, I now look forward to ordering from many other aspects of the menu as well to try them all.


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I had a taste for a bacon hamburger.. Knowing my love for BBQ sauce I ordered (Texas Burger Deluxe) man oh man, the burger was fresh ground chuck and the bacon and the. Special BBQ sauce was excellent... I also orderd their potato skins.. If you love bacon then you will really love these... Sooo much bacon!!! I will be ordering from Anthonys anytime I want a burger.. I'll prolly will order today since I'm thinking of it now LOL


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I love Anthony's. If they were to ever publish an article for Autism-Friendly establishments in Berwyn, I would recommend Anthony's. They adhere to every single instruction that I leave for them and always make sure the food gets to me quickly. The food I ordered yesterday had to sit for a little while because it was too hot to eat. I do recommend this establishment for the pizza.


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Antony's is inexpensive but consistently good. They deliver on time, have a good selection and will cook to order. Their friend calimari is especially good if you ask them to drain it of oil as well as thin crust pizza, pepper & egg sandwich, lasagna and fried ravioli. For a quick pizza party, dinner or game night, this place can't be beat!


1 review
First time ordering.
And it was Great!!
If your considering a deep dish pizza
This is the one. Their sauce is so good
And pizza was cooked to perfection.
Delivery was on point and I definitely found
My new pizza place. Also, prices are very reasonable.
Thanks Anthony's
Happy customer
Patty R.

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